Sunday, August 28, 2016

Fantastic Bluetooth Speaker!

OMG I love love love this LEDMO LED Bluetooth speaker!! Not only is it a Bluetooth speaker, it is a clock as well. I love how you can set the colors to either rotate through, have it on a steady white light that has a dim, setting, to a medium setting or a brighter setting. You can set it as a steady red color as well.

To set the colors, you just tap the light icon on the top of the speaker. Continue tapping it until you get it on the setting you want. The power button is on the bottom along with the led display clock, alarm and play buttons.

This does have hands free calling

You can either Bluetooth this to your device or use the auxiliary cable and plug it into your device. I have a hard time hearing and I can adjust the volume enough to where I can hear this and it is crystal clear.

You can use this as a night-lite in your child's room, put it in your office because of the size it doesn't take up much room at all.

Perfect gift for anyone! I collect anything LED so this was the perfect thing to add to my collection!

I received a sample product at a discount for testing this out and providing my honest opinion. This opinion is of my own and I am no way affiliated or associated with the seller.

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