Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Beautiful Lights!

I have a thing for any type of LED lights!. I love hanging them all over the yard and even in my house!. I am placing this around my window. I have a ledge that I can set the solar panel in the window so it gets direct sunlight to charge. I really like the size of the bulbs on these. They are not big and bulky. They have a nice soft glow to them and not overly bright. Hanging them in my bedroom window I won't have to worry about them being to bright that it shines through my curtains.

100 LED Multi Colored Lights
Steady or Flashing Mode by clicking on the button on the solar panel
No Need for Electricity
Comes with a Stake to put in ground that Solar panel hooks onto

I honestly can't find anything wrong with these ANNT Solar Powered Lights!

You can use this indoor as long as the sunlight hits the charger. Use them outdoor in your trees, bushes, deck, around your windows or where ever you would like. This would look beautiful on your Christmas tree, around your flower garden or even around a fish pond.

Disclaimer- I received this product free for testing them out and providing my honest opinion. I am no way affiliated or associated with this seller.