Sunday, August 7, 2016

Live out in the Country & Still Get Channels!

I live out in the middle of NOWHERE! I am talking cornfields and country gravel roads. I am approximately 50 miles from the biggest towns. This Homasy Indoor TV Antenna is AMAZING!

I hooked it up and set my tv to search for the antenna channels.
It picked up a lot of the local channels and the tv picture was clear.
I have used the old rabbit ears and yes I even tried the coat hanger! :)
This by far is the best indoor antenna I have used!

This thing is extremely thin and very lightweight.
It has a sticker on the back so you can place anywhere on your wall or in the window. ( mine was in the window)
It comes with an HD amplifier as well.

If you do not have cable and are looking for great indoor antenna I would so recommend you purchasing this one.

I did receive this product free for trying it out and providing my honest opinion.