Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Great Coffee Pot

I have owned several coffee pots in my life and this BRAUN 12 Cup Stainless Steel coffee maker is by far the best coffee pot I have tried. I love all the features this has. I can set my coffee temperature to low, medium or high. Set the strength to bold or regular, make a full pot or 1-4 cups all by the push of a button! If you want a fresh cup or pot of coffee ready for you when you wake up, just set the timer and your coffee is waiting for you.
I also love the look of this! The black color and stainless steel give this a modern elegant look and it goes with my kitchen. If you'relooking for a great coffee pot, I would highly recommend this one.

Love the detail!

This is a really nice 3D Metal artwork of a train. The detail they put into this is amazing. It really pops out at you from all angles. The colors are very close to the product image.  I love the antique look this has. It would look great hung in any room.

It comes ready to hang.
Comes with a money back guarantee
Weighs about 9 pounds

Here is the link to purchase
For those who review on Amazon, what do you think of sellers asking to purchase full price and then they will refund you?

  My thoughts are,

  First of all, it is clearly a violation of Amazons TOS.
    Seller's are not only risking their accounts, You're risking your account by doing this.
    Who is to say that seller will reimburse you after your purchase.
     I have also seen Sellers complain that the reviewer did not leave a review after receiving product        (which also violates Amazon TOS)
     Seller's are not allowed to ask for a product review in exchange for a product

It's just not a chance I am willing to take.

I love Social Media reviews. I think it gets the attention of more consumers and brings more traffic to your product.

What are your thoughts?