Monday, August 15, 2016

Great Lids!!

I love these Veesun Silicone Stretch Lids!. We always have leftovers and plenty of bowls but no lids! I don't have to worry about that now. This set comes with 12 silicone lids.

covers' size range from 2.75 inches to 8.3 inches.

2.75-inch cover x 4 (can stretch to 3.6 inches)
3.70-inch cover x 4 (can stretch to 4.8 inches)
4.50-inch cover x 1 (can stretch to 5.9 inches)
5.70-inch cover x 1 (can stretch to 7.4 inches)
6.50-inch cover x 1 (can stretch to 8.5 inches)
8.30-inch cover x 1 (can stretch to 10.8 inches)

They can stretch approximately 30% more.
They are safe for the microwave
Dishwasher Safe and you can wash them with soap in the sink
BPA free and FDA approved.
Airtight Seal
Easy to store in your kitchen drawer.

You can use these to cover soda cans if you didn't finish it and putting in the fridge for later. I have also put these over square bowls and it fit perfectly. Having a picnic, use these lids to keep the bugs out of your food!. These are reusable and tear free. They will last you a long time. You will no longer have to use aluminum foil or saran wrap.

DISCLAIMER: I received this sample for free for trying it out and giving my honest unbiased opinion. This opinion is of my own.