Saturday, October 29, 2016

Great Quality, Lightweight Aluminum Handle!

This PLUSINNO Fishing net is awesome! Great quality and very well made! This extends out to a little over 5 ft if you have it fully extended.
This comes with 2 different size nets
One for your larger fish and other for smaller fish
To lock the basket in place you simply push down on the metal part at the end of the pole where the basket begins and bring up the basket and lock the sides into place by pushing the metal button back up.
Easily extend arm out by unscrewing the black parts on the handle apart to extend the arm out, re-tighten once you have it at the desired length
Aluminum handle- light weight and collapsible for easy storage.
Comes with a 12 month warranty

I really do love this net. The one I had was so short that I had to get the fish practically up on the bank in order to get them in the net. I don't have to do this with this one. Easier to net when I am on the boat as well. My dad and I do a lot of fishing and this net will definitely get used!