Friday, January 29, 2016

Super Cute For The Tea Lover!

What a super cute set of Tea Infusers! Mr & Mrs Manta are made out of silicone. The tops come off so you can add your favorite tea to the tail. Put the head pack on and your little Mr or Mrs Manta will chill out inside your cup with their fins hanging over the top of the glass. I did not have any tea leaves so I actually used a green tea bag. I just rolled my tea bag up and put it inside the tail. Set Mrs. Manta inside my cup and sat back and enjoyed a nice hot cup of tea.

These are great conversational pieces when you serve company a cup of tea. All they can talk about is how cute they are. This is very soft to the touch and have small holes in the tail so your tea will brew. This has to be my favorite set of tea infusers I own.

I received this set free in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion.