Friday, January 29, 2016

Entertainment For Hours!

So who remembers the old school Rubiks cube? That thing was super stiff and all the colored stickers came off. By the time I was done with mine all i had left was a white cube. :)

This HIG Rubiks Cube is smooth!. It turns with such ease. The pieces itself are actual colored pieces so you don't have to worry about stickers falling off of this one. It has smooth edges and down't get stuck at all when turning it. This will entertain you for hours!. Well it would me any way. I don't think I have ever solved one one these completely. The kids love coming over and playing with this. I like that it comes with a nice carrying bag to store this away in when your ready to put it up.

This comes apart easily and you can it back together just as easy. I will admit, I cheated when the kids brought it to me and said I bet you can't do it. While they were busy I took it apart and put it back together with all the colors right. They were quite surprised that Aunt Christal could do it after all. lol.. Did I tell them I cheated? Of course NOT. ;)

I love this one and I would recommend it to anyone. Your kids or grand kids will really enjoy this as well.

I received this product free in exchange for my honest opinion.