Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Essential Oil Addict!

First of all I have to say these EA AromaCare-Aromatherapy Essential Oils totally exceeded my expectations. I am an avid EO user and I use them daily for many different things. This set included 6 10ml bottles of essential oils.
Tea Tree

It also came with a leaflet on how to use them and what uses each oil can be used for. You can use this as a carrier, or separately or blended together. I love the lavender oil. It is very calming and relaxing. It also helps me sleep better. I suffer from migraines so I use the lemongrass a lot. It helps relieve my migraines. I am not one for taking prescription or over the counter medications due to all the side affects. I have suffered no side affects at all since I became an essential oil user. The AromaCare oils are 100% natural oils!. If you have wanted to try essential oils I highly recommend these. You will not be disappointed!. I received this product at a discount in exchange for honest unbiased review.